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best multivitamin for men and women
Feel the benefits of oneMD:
Healthy Bones
Vitamin D is essential for the absorption and use of c
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Vitamin C has been proven to be the most potent vitami
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Healthy Heart
Vitamin B12 has been proven to reduce the risk of both
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The B vitamins are vital to a vigorous and energetic l
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The formulations contain combinations of Vitamin B com
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What is nutriActs' MV?
NutriActs’ MV is a first multi-vitamin that combines the most essential Vitamin D, Vitamin C & other necessary vitamins and minerals in a special formula that supports bone health, heart health, muscle health which boosts energy, immunity and mental focus.
Fights against seasonal cold & flu
Fights against normal infections
Provides 1000 IU of Vitamin D
100% Vegetarian
100% FDA approved suppliers
Unique blend of maximum absorption

Why should I take MV?

Conventional thinking used to be that most adults could get good nutrition from their diets and that vitamin supplements were not necessary. However, in the last few years, a growing number of studies have shown most diets fall well below the minimum recommended dietary allowance for many nutrients. In the book,  "All about vitamins", Jack Challem writes "The prevention of disease is the key to prolonged health, not reversing disease once it has attacked the body. While vitamins can correct a lot of damage and reverse or slow the course of many diseases, it's far better to maintain a disease free body.

MV is the only muti-vitamin that works as a defense mechanism against seasonal cold, flu and other conditions that we come across living our daily lives.


Testimonials: from satisfied customers
After being diagnosed with chronic fatique my doctor recommended that I should start taking a regular multivitamin. My vitamin D level was really low and suggested that could be the reason why I was so fatiqued. Needless to say after starting oneMD, within 5 weeks, I started to feel like a different person. I was sleeping better, my energy level was high through out the day and I felt young again!
- Samuel Dixon, DC
I have been an athelete all my life. Running is my passion...after running for almost 15 years I felt like I was going in a different direction. I was tired all the time, was not able to get a full night's sleep and just didn't feel right. My doctor recommended that I should take a regular MV. After doing some research I settled for oneMD because it's the only MV that combined vitamin d, vitamin c and vitamin b with zinc & magnesium. All those athletes out there know what I am talking about. In other words this is the most complete multi-vitamin in the market!
- John Adams, MA
I picked up a bottle at my dentists' office just because I liked what the ad said....I must say that I am pleasantly surprised that this is the first multi-vitamin where I felt that it's working in my body. Good energy, quality sleep, enough vitamin C & easy to take capsules!
- Bryan Smith, VA
I was referred to your mv by a friend of mine who works out regularly and is in great shape. I hardly submit any reviews but I am so happy with my purchase that I had to submit my review. oneMD has really helped me with my seasonal cold. I use to get sick every season change and now I hardly get sick...I feel so much better and energetic that I have signed up for a subscription based model so I can get my supply of oneMD on a regular basis.
- Barry Jones, FL


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